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March 2019

Unsurprisingly (to me) I am not very good at this Blog type thing. Firstly I can never think what to write… and when I do I don’t have the time and the moment is lost…and repeat.

Best thing I can think of to say is let’s do a bit of a catch up.  October and November were far and away the biggest months for us with sales literally blowing the previous year’s out of the water. This is in no small part due to out amazing Reps who continue to astound with the love, support and promotion of the website. In addition what amounted to a bit of a whim in July last year in offering customised wooden items (painted/glittered/decorated by me) has exceeded all expectation and accounts for approximately one third of all the orders through the shop.

To say this took me by surprise is a TOTAL UNDERSTATEMENT. Before going to Secondary School I used to love art and experimenting with colours and paints but after receiving below average marks for things such as shading and constantly being told this and that could be better I lost all interest, and to this day still doubt creative choices I make despite all the lovely feedback (though please keep it coming).

I now have a room full of various paints, glitters, brushes and pens to which I am always adding and creating things for customers gives me a joy I never knew was lacking in my life. I will continue to add to the range of items I am available to offer and look forward to stretching my abilities in order to create some truly unique/one of a kind items for you all.

So, what lies ahead for The Sheep Shack Shop?

We continue to grow not only in terms of the stock we are able to offer but also in the number of people who represent the company and who are able to earn an additional income. We are a straight down the line company run by a single person (ME!) who is responsible for everything you see on the site. No bull…no porkies just an honest and trustworthy business who I am thrilled to say now has thousands of happy customers.

 Thanks for reading

 Clare x

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